Pitching Effectively

Professor Adam Peruta’s visit to our class yesterday was really interesting. I loved hearing his ideas and suggestions about how to pitch stories and his trip to Texas for the South by Southwest competition.

The competition as a whole sounded like an amazing experience. Literally spending days working on apps for a competition seems like a dream come true for any devoted marketer. I enjoyed the ideas he shared with us, from the app “Rate My Class” for college students to give feedback to both professors and future students to his actual functioning program “Gopher Groceries” aimed at college students.

He used his experience on his trip to Texas to teach us how to effectively “sell” an idea. He talked about both the positives and negatives of his trip to Texas, and gave me a sense of what I’m going to have to do get funding for my idea.

He told us that in order to make an effective pitch there are seven steps you must try to cover: (1) you should make a case for what problem your product is going to solve (he suggested maybe using a story or a narrative) (2) you should effectively explain how your product solves this problem (3) you need to determine who you’re targeting (4) explain how you’re going to acquire users (5) you need to establish your “total addressable market” (number of people there are and how you’ll get them to commit to your product) (6) how you plan to make money (7) and in Peruta’s perhaps most importantly lay out who’s on your team.

I’m hoping that I can come up with a great idea that will really sell my idea for our pitches! I want to really find something that will make it stand out.



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